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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Gravity 1.9" x 16 ga. galvanized roller conveyor
ICC medium duty galvanized roller conveyor are available for quick shipping (24 hour shipping in
standard straight sections from 1' to 10').

Call ICC for quick quote and quick delivery.

196G 1.9" x 16 Ga.
Galvanized Roller Gravity Conveyor

196G Curve

Single Roller Design

196G Double Roller Curve
Double Roller Model

Download catalog page in pdf format

ROLLERS: 1.9 " x 16 ga. galv. steel tubing, model 196G, with smooth swaged ends.

FRAMES: Formed steel painted channel  3-1/2 " x 1-1/2 " x 10 ga. set high; 4-1/2 " x 1-1/2 " x 10 ga. set low.

BEARINGS: Integral plain ball bearings, zinc plated, grease packed.

FRAME CAPACITY: 250 lbs. per roller,  or 1300 lbs. maximum distributed live load per 10' section with supports at 10' centers; 3200 lbs. at 5' centers. el 2-1/2 " x 1 " x 12 ga. 

COUPLINGS: Butt type.

AXLES: 7/16 " hex shaft, spring loaded.

OPTIONAL FRAME: 4 " @ 5.4 lbs. struc. steel channel frame, rollers 3/16 " high, may vary due to structural tolerances.  

24 Hour Shipments 
Include All 1-Foot Increments
 1'- 0" TO 10'- 0"
On Straight Sections
To prevent pinch points that exist when gravity conveyors are permanently attached to power conveyors, use connector brackets with safety pop-out rollers.