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MicroSpan Transfer



The versatile MicroSpan Transfer is used for applications in which the product flows in a linear manner from one conveyor to the next. MicroSpan is a new concept in plastic chains, developed for the Powered Transfer program. These units are washdown-capable and are available on all SpanTech conveyor product lines. They are also available separately for use on other conveyor systems. In either case, a MicroSpan Transfer can be slave driven from the main conveyor shaft, or independently powered by its own gearmotor.

Description & Features

MicroSpan chain is made of acetal plastic, with a charcoal grey color. There are three basic types of MicroSpan chain: 4mm Flat Top, 4mm Raised High Friction, and 6mm Raised High Friction. 4mm Flat Top chain is 4mm (0.16") thick and features a smooth surface. 4mm Raised High Friction chain is 4mm (0.16") thick and has raised points on its surface to aid in gripping soft product. 6mm Raised High Friction chain is used in applications where a stronger chain is required; 6mm (0.24") chain is more than twice as strong as 4mm chain.

Key to the MicroSpan Transfer's compact profile is the design of the MicroSpan nose bar. Made of extruded #6063 aircraft grade aluminum, the nose bar has been developed by SpanTech to withstand conditions of high wear and heat. The extrusion is hard plated with a nickel alloy, and can withstand high pressure washdown applications. The nose bar is only 6mm (0.24") thick, with a 3mm (0.12") radius on the end, permitting very small products to be transferred from one conveyor to the next. Configured for end-to-end transfer, the gap can be as small as 50mm (1.97") when used in conjunction with a conveyor having plain chain, or as small as 10mm (0.39") when used with SpanTech’s raised top chain and feed-off fingers. Configured for right-angle transfer, the gap can be as small as 8mm (0.32").

Power transmission is accomplished through an all-gear drive, typically slave-driven from the conveyor shaft. Like roller chain, MicroSpan chain is sprocket-driven and therefore no tracking mechanism is required. It is not necessary to tension the overall belt as with a belt conveyor. The MicroSpan Transfer also features a variable angle capability, which can be used for decline with "feed off" applications or incline with "feed on" applications.

When used in conjunction with MultiSpan conveyors, the MicroSpan Transfer has the ability to be easily lifted out of place. A pair of lift-out handles can be raised from recessed positions, serving as ready hand holds when removing the unit for cleaning or maintenance.

Optional Gearmotor-Powered Unit

There are many possible applications for a MicroSpan Transfer where a slave-driven unit is not an option. For these applications, we offer a completely independent gearmotor-powered Transfer. This design allows the Transfer to be added to existing equipment, using electrical power to drive the unit, and is also useful where a variable speed feature is required. The gearmotor-powered unit comes standard with an SEW Eurodrive "WS Series" gearmotor. These motors are available with a wide variety of gear ratios and output speeds to suit specific applications. The use of a Variable Frequency Drive can provide a still greater level of speed control.