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Powered Roller Transfer



Powered Roller Transfers can handle parts as small as 33.53mm (1.32"), square or round, when used in conjunction with Raised Top conveyor chain. The Powered Roller Transfer was designed to move even delicate products between conveyors while maintaining consistent product orientation.

Description & Features

Powered Roller Transfers utilize rollers with a diameter of only 11.2mm (0.44"), ensuring the smooth flow of products into your next operation.

The roller shafts are individually driven through self-aligning magnetic couplings. The coupling design allows the transfer's roller assembly to be lifted out. In a contaminated environment there is no need to interrupt production to clean the transfer bridge, since the entire bridge can be exchanged with a clean, spare bridge in a matter of seconds. If a product jam should occur, the Powered Roller Transfer bridge will pop out to avoid damage to the conveyor system. This feature also protects employees from harm should they become caught between the transfer rollers and the conveyor.

Powered Roller Transfer components are made of various materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and Teflon-coated aluminum. An enclosed gear drive powers the individual roller shafts. The gears are housed within an aluminum chassis designed to provide continuous lubrication. Ball bearings support the output shafts that drive the rollers.

Powered Roller Transfers can offer solutions to the following transfer problems:

  • The product tends to stall out on non-powered transfers
  • Transferring is difficult due to small product size and/or weight
  • Where product length will not span to the next conveyor
  • Where product acceleration is needed between conveyors
  • Where consistent product spacing and orientation must be maintained

Power Options

Slave Driven:

Designer System Powered Roller Transfers are slave driven when used with Designer System conveyors. The surface speed of the transfer rollers for a slave driven unit is approximately 2% faster than the surface speed of the conveyor, so a small gap is pulled between consecutive products.

Independently Powered:

Powered Roller Transfers may be driven with small motors, allowing them to be used with other conveyor systems. This option provides unlimited speed control, which makes product pitch adjustable at the transfer. For example, the gap between consecutive parts can be increased or decreased by simply varying the transfer roller speed.