The High-Speed Switch is a lane divider/converger designed to split a flow of products while maintaining product pitch. Typically, these units will receive a single line flow and switch it into two, three, or four lanes of output. Product flow can be split at high speeds - SpanTech systems are currently in place successfully running at up to 200 fpm.


The High-Speed Switch transports product on a series of sliding carriers. Each carrier slides freely on a pair of stainless steel carrier rods, which are supported between and driven by a pair of MonoSpan conveyor chains.

The underside of each carrier features a dog that mates with a continuous guide channel, beneath the conveyor surface. To perform a lane switch, a cylinder actuates a roller bearing into position to deflect the carrier dog from its straight path into an angled divert channel.

Once the flow is split, the product pitch in each output lane will be two times (2x) the original pitch for a 1-to-2 lane Switch, three times (3x) the original pitch for a 1-to-3 lane Switch, etc. Many configurations are possible, including 2-to-4 lane switching, converging, sorting applications, and more. Product will exit the Switch in the same orientation at which it entered.

General Specifications

  • The High-Speed Switch is rated for continuous 24-hour/day operation
  • Maximum conveyor speed is 200 fpm (60.9 mpm)
  • The High-Speed Switch is designed for rigid or bagged product (not intended for bulk product)
  • Standard or Raised Top UHMW-PE carriers available
  • Minimum carrier width: 4" (100mm)
  • Maximum carrier width for a typical 1-to-2 lane Switch: approx. 24" (610mm)
  • Maximum carrier width for a typical 1-to-3 lane Switch: approx. 18" (457mm)
  • Support frame: 2" x 2" square stainless steel tubing, all welded
  • Gearmotor: SEW Eurodrive, helical-bevel gearbox, hollow-shaft mount